STAR Achiever Program

Criminal Justice Class for STAR Achievers

On November 10 the STAR Achievers attended a Criminal Justice event at the Kirkwood Linn County Regional Center.  The class was hosted by Mr Joe Schmitz who is a retired Cedar Rapids police officer and the Criminal Justice instructor at Kirkwood.  Mr Schmitz arranged for each STAR student to be paired with a student at Kirkwood who helped guide them through the “investigation” in the case of “Who Hurt Timmy Tupperware” .  The STAR students and their Kirkwood counterparts were assigned a case and they conducted an investigation.   Our sincere thanks to Mr Schmitz and his Kirkwood students for their time and effort which made this event a huge success.


On 11/10/2018 witnesses reported that they heard a scream coming from an office (Room 318) at the Linn County Regional Center at Kirkwood Community College. When the first officers arrived they found a man, Timmy Tupperware on the floor of the office (Room 318) with a head injury. Timmy was taken to the hospital but no other evidence was touched.

Witnesses saw someone go to room 408 and then to the shop in the regional center after the initial scream.

Your Job is to work with your investigative team to try to solve the mystery of who beat up Timmy Tupperware.